Users Manual

(created and copyright  by Ellen Kunz and Doris Potthoff 1998)

we guarantee, that the product (dog) is a natural product, free from chemical additives but like every natural product there are temporary and regional quality fluctuations.

the product has to be attended to in the way the producer has explained. take care not to fill product with unsuitable combustibles, otherwise an operation trouble (diarrhea) could happen.

the producer cannot guarantee that the product will not dirty your flat if used improperly. we also cannot guarantee for break downs at the case (biting, chewing etc.)

the product has to be shown to the producer after the first 500km, (about 6mth) for an inspection. these types of inspections shall be periodical.if the product is shown to another professional workshop make sure the workshop gives the puchaser paperwork or else, the purchaser loses the guarantee.

repairs can only be done in an authorized repairshop. never do a repair on your own, otherwise you loose the guarantee. if the producer sees an improper try to open the case, you loose the guarantee. if necessary let the producer do the check.

take care, that, before using the product, it is awake and alert, standing on all four paws (work summer and winter). while sitting, means there are only two paws in use, big trouble can happen.

be carefull that the product only is used until 38,5° C. If the usage temperature is higher, you have to visit first an expert shop. (vet)

we point, that the product is only suitable with the determined usage. The product dog, in this case northern dog, is durable until -40°C, may not be used with fire and is not durable in heat. Wash your product only at 37°C, with the hand, using special washing material that you can buy at expert shops. No using in a washing machine or microwave.

The yearly plaque (clean bill of health) must be demanded at n expert shop. For getting the plaque you must remove undesired lodgers, inside, like worms and outside like flee, ticks and mites. You have to demonstrate the removing as guarantee part.

we point, that our product beginning in age of 12 weeks until 6 month will change the first from us delivered teeth to new ones.

Second the product twice the year will change its coat. This is a technical condition of our product, so that it can change to a protective guard. in this time of renewal the product inclinates to contamine your flat.

the product is made with din norm 00.. and sometimes reaches noise about 90 DBA. reaches the noise level more than 90 DBA you must search for an expert shop or contact the producer to readjust it.

The technical details of the product dog are put on record at the pedigree. written by the „Fresh Canis Industries“ (FCI) given from your producer.

Please keep it secures, otherwise you loose your guarantee.

We are in this time working for improvements. So its possible, you can own after a short time an old version of our product. You could buy a newer version, so you would have two products from the producer.

Unfortunately we are not able to update the newer version on the old ones. but our technicans are working at this. If we find the way, we will inform you, to get an update.

Our product has a natural grow up, so we cannot give a guarantee for wear and rear. The date of durability is an approximated standard. Improper and too much usage may shorten the durability.

Make sure, that the ticked chassis number is always readable and checked at inspections and restored if necessary.

the product can be deposit in a fence that is 2m high and min. 50m². Because we recover 2 different products we point, that products trademark F will come in heat 2 times a year and must be saved in this time for products trademark M to prevent undesired addition. If the product is left for more than 2 hours a day, the guarantee becomes extinct.

Damage through outer influence can only be accepted by guarantee, if all components are sent to the producer, who will give them to an independant expert for their opinion. Its not enough just to send pictures.

We point, that in some cases the product can cause an allergic reaction. for this we do not give a guarantee! this is your own risk, and you should ask your own producer (parents) for your guarantee, because maybe you are a misconstruction.

Secondary effects: this product can make addicted to itself, and ranks to divorce. For this, we cannot give a guarantee.

This product is not qualified for consume, it is not produced as foodstuff.

copyright Ellen Kunz Issues of Yukon

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